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Muslumanlar.Com New military.
Military gives people to protect home,land etc. but we gives jobs to guys and to protect with many totaly good tools... so you can visit and buy one for you lets come.
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A information and help with VA disabality claims site for Veterans and people that are interested in the welfare of Veterans.
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Soviet Military Store
We sell Soviet Military goods, Airsoft Items for (AK,AKM,AKSU,SVD,SKS,RPG) Wood Plastic Furniture,Flash Hider,Buttstocks,Magazines Bipods etc,Uniforms,Gas mask,badges...Individual approach to each buyer!
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Army Sergeant's Time Training provides power point classes for STT as well as all Army Warrior tsaks and battle drills and many useful military examples.
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WW2 in pictures
Blog in spanish language where you can find some of the best images from World War II, all supported with information, plus a special section dedicated to the decorated in WW2. Blog donde podrás encontrar imágenes y condecorados de la WW2.
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European Scientist and Journalist
Author`s 173 research, scientifical and journalist articles and topics about the military history, foreign policy and international relations in the world during XIX-XXI Centuries.
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USAF WAPS Promotion Score Calculator Resources
U.S. Air Force WAPS Promotion Score Calculator is used by United States Air Force enlisted airmen to estimate the minimum test score for promotion to Staff Sergeant, Tech Sergeant, and Master Sergeant. Enter the promotion year, your enlisted grad
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