The U.S. armed forces use military ribbons to recognize military service, achievements and so on. Military ribbons are design by The Institute of Heraldry (TIOH) in the Army.

  • Service Ribbons: The service ribbon is awarded to members of the Army, for successful completion of a tour of duty in an area of operations or time frame determined by the Department of Defense. Awarded ribbons are the Overseas Service Ribbon, the Vietnam Service Medal, the National Defense Service Medal. These ribbons are awarded depending on the location a military member is and the specified time frame.
  • Campaign Ribbons: The Campaign Ribbon is awarded to individuals of the U.S. for participation in support military operations, including the Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan and the Operation Iraqi Freedom. Military members who participate in the Operation Iraqi Freedom are awarded with the Iraq Campaign Medal, while those who simultaneous participate in Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan are awarded with the Afghanistan Campaign Medal. Campaign ribbons are not awarded to those personnel actively involved in these operations.
  • Training Ribbons: The training ribbon is a military decoration of the Army for the military members who completed the required training. There are the Army Service Ribbon and the Air Force Training Ribbon that are awarded to members of the Army who completed the basic training. Enlisted members are awarded different ribbons upon graduation of these schools.
  • Unit Achievement Ribbons: As the name suggests, this ribbon is awarded to each member of a military unit that achieved a high level of performance. The Presidential Unit Citation represents the biggest award a unit could get.
  • Personal Achievement Ribbons: This military ribbon is awarded to an individual who achieves an act that is memorable and it’s not related to his normal responsibilities. There is the Good Conduct Medal, the Meritorious Service Medal, the Medal of Honor, which are listed by their importance. The Medal of Honor is awarded only to members of the U.S. armed forces who distinguish themselves in the fight against an enemy of the U.S.A.
  • Devices: Devices on ribbons mean that the ribbon has been awarded in multiple situations. There are a lot of devices with different meanings that are used on ribbons.


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