A military police officer has an important function in army operations. Military police officers can be utilized in offensive, defensive, stable and civilian support operations. To have a job as a military police officer you need specialized training.

  • Gate Guard: Gate guards have an important part in the military. Gate guards portray an image of the entire military post they are guarding and of anyone passing through their post. They must guard their post day or night, no matter the weather. The shifts are 8 to 12 hours long. The U.S. military installations have become more secure since the attacks in 2011 and gate guards have the mission to check the military ID card of any visitor who enters in the installation. Gate guard is a thankless but extremely important job in the career of a military police officer.
  • Patrol:  A police patrol officer has to patrol specific area on foot, horseback, bicycle or motorized conveyance. Patrol officers provide for public safety by maintaining order, responding promptly to calls for assistance, enforcing motor vehicle and criminal laws. Patrol officers provide road information to assist motorists. They also inspect public establishments to ensure compliance with rules and regulations. Patrol officers also act as official escorts.
  • K-9 Handler: A K-9 handler is a law enforcement official that has a dog that works closely with him. The officer has an added responsibility of looking after the dogs. The military working dogs are actively involved in detection of narcotics, hidden suspects, bombs and so on. They also participate in rescue efforts and other community service projects. There are over 1,200 active service military dogs in each branch of the armed forces.
  • Antiterrorism: An antiterrorism officer needs special training for this position. The position tasks are indentifying terrorism risks and help prevent attacks. Antiterrorism trainings are very useful, although antiterrorism risks are everywhere, even to military installations in the country.
  • Dispatch: A dispatch officer is working in an office and is the main line of communication for the police. Duties may include taking calls, including 911 calls, dispatch officers according to citizens’ requests. A dispatch officer is also responsible for managing office security. The job of a dispatch officer requires carrying on multiple conversations and doing several things at once. Being a dispatch officer is difficult, but also rewarding.


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