For many centuries now, there hasn’t been a time when there wasn’t a war going on somewhere in the world. No world wars have happened since 1949, but there are many conflict areas, and countries like the United States have always gotten involved to try and pacify those areas. However, since the end of the First World War, people have been questioning the situation of soldiers after coming back home from battle. Besides the physical and psychological issues they have to deal with, most soldiers have to deal with the fact that it is highly difficult to be a part of society again.

Coping with Change

Soldiers who come back from war are confronted not only by feelings of alienation, but in some cases they are also rejected by people or misunderstood. In situations where the soldier, or some other Army member comes back home after several years, they have to cope with the fact that many of the things they knew have changed and that some no longer exist. While other people went on with their lives and studied, got jobs, got married or had kids, the people coming back from serving were in a sort of limbo and now they have to face another enemy: going back into society.
For people like that, who have been through a lot and have seen a lot of things many of us don’t even think about, simply switching off and returning to normal is difficult, if not impossible. That is precisely why there have been and there are many programs which aim to help soldiers to either get a job, or to continue their studies.

Studying after Serving

Generally, it is very difficult for people to go back to school after a certain age; with soldiers – whether they have seen action or not – it can be even more difficult. However, for some of them, who were recruited very young, now is their first opportunity to get some higher education and try to form a career. Again the problem of coping and feeling like an outsider is posed, which is why for them it is important to find a military friendly college, one that understands the difficulties of ex-soldiers, or even soldiers who are still serving.

Indeed, there are several colleges in the US which support soldiers by offering them free tuition and even the possibility to study from a distance if they are still serving. That way, they all get a second chance and some of them can even be on their way to graduating when they finish their term, or even readily prepared to go looking for a job.

The Future of Soldiers

In the past, it was difficult for us to understand what soldiers have to go through and how much this can affect them. However, this brave part of our society was never forgotten completely and now we are doing our best to support them as they have protected us. Whereas in the past numerous soldiers were condemned to becoming criminals because they couldn’t get jobs, today society is much more prepared to welcome them back. The future of soldiers is no longer uncertain.

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