After so many years of dedication to our country securing our freedom, military vets need to begin securing their own future finding jobs in the civilian world. Veterans need jobs to provide for themselves and their families for the future. This means that when veterans exit the service, they need to find new careers. There are some military vet jobs they can transition into easily because of the skills they learned while on active duty. For this reason, there are some companies, like the Call of Duty Endowment Bobby Kotick runs as well as others, that put forth efforts with job placement services and transition training for veterans. These companies help veteran’s secure good jobs that suit their experience and talents well.

Many companies believe that each and every American is responsible for caring enough to help the women and men who fought at war defending our country transition from the lifestyle they had in the military to finding good jobs in our workforce. These companies are committed to supporting, educating and providing military vets with opportunities for careers that help them achieve their personal and professional aspirations. These companies take great pride in the amazing and unique skill set and character achieved by these veterans during their service. These skills and characteristics can easily be translated into the workplace.

Skills such as appreciation for collaboration, sense of leadership and a distinguished level of maturity all represent the special type of training and experience that veterans have due to the service, and these characteristics help them become ideal candidates for certain job positions. Many companies have excellent transition programs aimed at linking veterans with open jobs in their company as well as in the community around them. They work to help veterans write outstanding resumes, mentor them and hold some programs on leadership training to benefit veterans.

The excellent skills these veterans hold put them at an advantage when it comes to being employed. If a veteran chooses to pursue a career in computer science or information technology when they come out of the service, almost every company has an IT department. This means that they could work as an IT support person, systems analyst, application engineer, database administrator, programmer, network architect and more. It’s a great advantage for those who went through IT training in the services to come out and look for jobs. For those who secured skills in record keeping, accounting and procurement, landing jobs in the accounting and finance departments of companies are a good possibility.

The sky is the limit when it comes to jobs that military veterans can get after they leave the service. Of course, some military veterans prefer taking jobs that portray the skills they obtained while serving in the military, and those jobs would not require as much training. Some of these jobs include FBI agents, aircraft maintenance and pilots. There are others who would enjoy taking on a professional career such as accounting or teaching that would require training.

It is our job as United States citizens to help those who have put their life on the line to protect our freedom get good jobs when they come back to civilian life.

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