If your dream is to become a military pilot, you should known that the process is a competitive one. This is a job that many are willing to have, but only the best succeed.  To apply for military helicopter pilot in the Army, you need at least a bachelor’s degree. No higher education or prior enlistment is required. Here is some information how to become military helicopter pilot .

  • There is a program called High School to Flight School, where you as a pilot recruit will be trained. If you are a high school graduate you can apply to the program to take the rank necessary to attend Army Aviation School.
  • The required age is at least 18 years old when you enlist in the United States armed services. The military board will select the candidates for flight school.
  • The next step is to face a battery of aptitude tests to qualify for flight school. First, you will take the Flight Aptitude Selection Test. To qualify, you must earn at least 90 points.
  • Then you will take the Armed Forces Vocational Aptitude Battery test. At this test the score must be 110 or better to qualify.
  • After that, you must go to the physical condition test and you must take the two levels of physicals:  the one that every recruit takes and an additional one, the Flight Class I physical. In order to prepare for this tests you should research a professional workout routine. You need to have a good vision of at least 20/50 in each eye otherwise you will not be qualified. You can’t have problems with your eyes, if you want to remain on the flight status.
  • If you pass all these tests and you are accepted, you will go to training. First, you will attend the basic combat training for nine weeks.
  • Then, you will attend the warrant officer candidate school. The training course will last for six weeks.
  • After this, you will attend the flight training program at Fort Rucker. You will begin with classroom instruction and learn about everything related to flight. At the flying training, the new pilots will learn to fly helicopters in simulators. The flight time required before becoming a helicopter pilot is between 70 and 150 hours, depending on the type of helicopter you specialize in. The entire program takes from nine months to a year. As you can see there are a lot of requirements for this type of job. You need to be a disciplined person who values both knowledge as well as the importance of a good workout routine. Although the road to becoming a helicopter pilot may be rough, the end results will be worth the effort as this is one of the most fulfilling and exciting jobs in the world.

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