Your military experience is seen as a great benefit to employers and focusing in writing the best resume will make it easy to succeed in finding a civilian job. Make sure that in your resume it is mentioned your aptitude and ability for developing new skills and implement them successfully. If you decided to make the transition to a civilian position, follow the instructions below to write a high-impact military resume.

  • Your resume format should contain: contact information, job objective, qualification summary, education, skills, military experience, achievements, activities, personal awards and training undertaken. Try to complete these fields as follows above.
  • The contact information must be at the top of the resume. This field contains your full name, campus and addresses, your telephone number and email address. While creating your military resume define your civilian job objective very clearly, and specify what kind of job you are looking for.
  • The education section must contain a list of the schools attended and your highest degree. Mention the name of the institution, city and state, your degree, major and year awarded. Mention if you have computer skills or other technical skills.
  • Your military experience should be brief and well-pointed. Try to put in evidence the skills you have developed in your career. Also, mention all your military jobs.
  • In the achievements field list all your achievements and areas where you have excelled. Also, list your daily activities and responsibilities and your personal rewards, special awards, certifications.
  • The training field must be complete in detail, because it represents an advantage against other potential candidates. Put all yours training and courses undertaken on your resume, will surely help you a lot in your new position.
  • Your resume is finished now, but before sending it you must check for errors. A perfect resume must not have errors. Ask someone to read your resume, to make sure there aren’t any spelling errors or typing errors. Then you can send your military resume to companies and employers. The resume can be send via email or hard copies.

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