Wars have been a part of the human history ever since our beginnings. Over the years, the number of wars taking place in the world has diminished yet we are far from being a peaceful planet. The field of new military technology is more advanced than ever and most civilized countries are well equipped to deal with all types of military conflicts. However, one can’t argue with the fact that our world has changed a lot and we own part of that change to the brave men who fight for peace. As military service is no longer mandatory in most civilized societies, we can’t help but agree on the fact that the people who voluntary put themselves in harm’s way for the better good deserve all our praise and the best possible care. But do they really receive the best possible medical care? Today we are going to take a look at a few interesting aspects regarding military medicine.

The medical world was very primitive during the civil war. People were encountering new health situations which they did not know how to handle and it took a long time even for doctors to understand them. Given the unhealthy conditions in which soldiers lived, infections were quite common but due to the fact that they had never again been encountered, there was little to no treatment for them. As a result numerous brave soldiers passed a way due to various diseases without even having the opportunity to fight for what they believed in. However, our society has advanced greatly and so did the medical knowledge and technology. One might even say that given our current resources, a doctor should never fail to save a patient unless he was truly beyond salvation. However, new military technology is more interested towards producing damage than towards saving lives.

Military medicine is a term that includes a number of areas and occupations. It basically has to do with all the medical care that our government provides to our brave soldiers. Occupational medicine is a field that attends to the risks and needs of all the men and women of service. The mass battlefield casualties are being taken care of by combat support hospitals who handle both the logistical and administrative tasks of the battlefield medicine. Military medical research and development is also an important area which has to do with coming up with the best possible solutions in order to protect the health of the soldiers.

Despite the fact that there are so many resources directed towards maintaining high standards of care for the people who work in the military, there are still numerous cases of medical negligence which lead to serious injuries and even to the death of the soldiers. A lot of people believe that when this situations occur during service, they are a part of the risks that the soldiers agreed to take but the truth is a little different.

It is quite hard to determine a combat related medical negligence case in a battlefield situation were the conditions are nowhere near the ones in a hospital. Still, if a soldier is seriously injured by a medical professional it is important to determine whether or not that medical mistake could have been prevented if the doctor took his job more seriously. If you are part of the military service and you believed that while being treated by a medical specials, the care that you received was beneath the normal standard you should address a negligence solicitor. You can do this regardless of the time and place of the sustained accident. It doesn’t even matter if you were currently doing your job or you were during your free time. Medical malpractice is a serious issue and it is a cause of hundreds of thousands of yearly deaths. More people are killed each year because of malpractice than were killed during any year of the Vietnam war.

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