Military bases might seem like the most secure locations on Earth, yet these perimeters can also be at risk for attacks. It was only two years ago that the shooting at the Washington Navy Yard took place, causing twelve deaths and two injuries. This wasn’t even the deadliest attack on a U.S. based military perimeter as in 2009, the Fort Hood shooting ended with the death of 13 people and severe injuries to 30 other people. Given these two major attacks and many other attempts, it is safe to say that military bases require constant security improvements. Lets take a look at some solutions that can provide the highest degree of security!


When it comes to anti-ram vehicle barriers, the Gibraltar company offers the best solutions. Their products are designed for all types of commercial and military perimeters, being suited even for critical infrastructure. The barriers satisfy the Department of Defense and the Department of State security requirements. From anti ram fence systems, bollards and crash gates to vertical lift barriers and wedge barriers, the Gibraltar products meet the highest standards of security and anti terrorism protection. Since barriers are the first line of defense, it is safe to assume that they represent the most important perimeter security solution.


For home security systems, things are very simple. Wall mounted security cameras with motion detection are enough for a residential or even a commercial property. Nevertheless for a military perimeter you need something else. For starters, a military surveillance system requires some thermal security cameras, preferably ones resistant to harsh weather conditions and even to explosions. Combine that with multi spectrum cameras, HD cameras, pan and tilt positioners, integrated sensors and video controllers and you’ve got yourself a decent military surveillance system. At the moment the army’s Combat System Program is working on an unattended ground sensor which will use various sensors, such as acoustic, magnetic, seismic and many more, in order to detect people or vehicles and send radio-frequency reports to the base. The modern day robots for military security can also be used in a similar manner. Not only do these robots provide situational awareness, but they can also dispose of bombs and other types of explosives.

Access Control

In a military, the visitors as well as the personnel must be rigorously controlled upon entry. The access points must be strategically positioned and constantly monitored. Moreover, important areas must only be accessed by authorized personnel and controlled by card readers. Multi-door controllers are a weakness and they should be replaced with intelligent controllers. Each door should have their own data base and make its own decision so that if a controller is compromised, it will only affect one point of access.

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