Thousands of bases in each military branch have jobs for civilians who wish to work for the U.S. army. If you want a military career, the cutoff age to enlist in the Armed Forces is 42 years old. But, it is also possible to be a civilian senior and work at a military facility. You can have a military career without enlisting in the army. And even though the military is still seen by most as consisting of men’s jobs, women can get hired as well, and perform numerous helpful and important jobs. Civilian seniors who volunteer can have many benefits. In this article you will find some information about military careers for civilian seniors.

  • Types of careers: For a civilian, you can have different roles in the military. Citizens have been employed by the military since the Revolutionary War, to be drivers or laborers. Today, there are thousands of bases in each branch which have jobs for citizens who are looking for a job in the army. Engineers, doctors, scientists and so on can volunteer within the army. And even if you are among the ones that want to stay fitted in the sense that you need to stay updated to the latest celebrity trends in matter of clothing and accessories and you need to always have a great skin and beautifully arranged hair this doesn’t mean you can enroll into a military facility and great do your job.In the military, civilian seniors are given many tasks to accomplish such as helping veterans, be administrators and so on. There are also nonprofits organizations which send care packages or wait to be called for homecoming veterans, but only if you assist the military. Military needs civilians and jobs are all over the world.
  • Where to look for jobs: If you are looking for a job at a military facility, you can start looking on the internet. There are many military branches each with its own website, where you can find a list of military jobs for civilians. All you have to do is decide on which branch you want to work, then brows the list of jobs available on the respective website and apply online by submitting a resume. You can research find military jobs and career opportunities in the Air Force Civilian Service website for example, or in the Army Civilian Corps website.  There is also the website, the official government job bank operated by the Office of Personnel Management, which includes a list of U.S.A. jobs in the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Department of Defense. Civilian seniors can find jobs also visiting this websites and search for jobs in braches in which they have a particular experience. Or they can call to a local base and ask about jobs.
  • Military pay:  If you volunteer within the military, you will not get paid, but you can be quickly hired if an opportunity arises. A job in the Air Force as a recreation assistant for example, is paid with 24,000 US dollars a year. If you work as a research analyst within the military, you can get paid with over 100,000 USD. The pay scale depends on the experience you have, the branch in which you are working and so on.

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