It is a well known fact that the US Military Forces have certain physical requirements for enrollment. However, once the candidates are accepted in the army programs they also have to obey by certain regulations regarding their physical appearance. On that note the army regulation has a few articles which dictate the hair standards for both men and women. A lot of people will be surprised to know that these standards even take religion into consideration.

  • Male hair standards

The military hair standards for men are pretty basic. All recruits must have classic short haircuts. The hair must be groomed in a proper manner so that id doesn’t stand out. The outline of the hair must be in alignment with the head’s shape and it should not exceed the base of the neck. It should not impair vision and it should not interfere with headgear, protective masks or other types of head equipment. The side burns also need to be trimmed. The base of the sideburn has to have a clean shaved horizontal line. Men are not allowed to wear braids, dreadlocks or other types of twisted hairstyles. Shaved haircuts are approved. The male hair standards also dictates that males need to be shaved. They are allowed to wear a mustache as long as it is neatly trimmed.

  • Female hair standards

The hair standards for women are less restrictive than the ones for men but they still need to abide by some conservatory standards. The hair must be groomed and the length and bulk should not be excessive. They are allowed to wear braids and cornrows as long as the style doesn’t stand out of the ordinary. Dreadlocks are not accepted and neither are bangs that fall below the eyebrows. Ponytails or other similar hairstyles must be secured to the head and must not interfere with any type of worn equipment. Extensions or other similar hair pieces are acceptable if they look as if they are part of the natural hair. Hair holding accessories are also acceptable as long as they are not used for decorative purposes.

  • Religion considerations

According to the Army Regulation 670-1, there can be exceptions from the hair standards if the candidates in questions have certain religious practices related to the hair. Therefore if a candidate is qualified for retention, he will not be sanctioned for deviating from the hair standards if he has religious considerations. However, for his safety and the safety of other team members it is important that the hair does not interfere with military equipment.

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