There are several military training options for teenagers who want a military career or a military job in the future. There are private military schools and many programs for teens that choose military training. Military schools are very popular among young individuals in the United States.  Teenagers who are at least 17 years old can enlist in a military branch they want, if they have parental permission, while older teenagers can discuss with a recruiter for enlisting in the military. If you are interested in a military career you should know that this is not a smooth road to follow. Be prepared for a lot of mental pressure as well as physical challenges. Military schools have the best workout routine that is meant to strengthen the body and the mind.

  • The Junior ROTC program: The military school system provides programs for training in high schools. The Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) program has started in 1916 and exists in the U.S. high schools. Teenagers who opt for this program will learn about military history, military structure, will improve their physical condition by participating at physical fitness within the program, will develop the teamwork spirit and civic responsibility. This program is very good as it gives teenagers an idea of how it feels like to be in the military. You will have to practice the best workout routine and in the same time you will be able to improve your military knowledge. Also within the program, junior cadets will participate in leadership competitions, drills, marksmanship and so on. These programs are found throughout the entire U.S.A.
  • Active duty military: Teenagers who are at least 17 years old can enlist in one of the military branches they want, but with parental permission. From age 18, individuals will not need parental permission to enlist in the military. Also, individuals must be younger than 23 to enlist.
  • Military schools: Military schools (or private schools, boarding schools) for teenagers provide military education and discipline. That is why parents are often looking for a private military school for their troubled teenagers. But, there are also many military schools throughout the country for teens that are looking to excel academically and to experience military structure. Private military schools have become an alternative to ordinary schools and a reputed part of the education system in America. You can start looking for the top private military schools in U.S.A.


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