Members of our armed forces who have recently returned home from engagement in places such as Iraq and Afghanistan have sometimes found themselves faced with a less than thankful reception from their countrymen. This is especially true in light of the many economic hardships that some veterans are unfortunately saddled with when they return home from their honorable service.

Private Charity Is On The Rise

While the present Obama administration has made clear its intention to aid our returning service men and women in every way it can, the fact remains that many individual cases can still fall through the cracks. After all, the Federal government is not quite the all encompassing, Orwellian “Big Brother” that many opponents conceive of in their speeches.

Because of the unavoidable gridlock and human error that plagues the stewardship of their cases, some returning veterans can unfortunately get shortchanged when it comes to the aid and support that they have earned. However, a workable solution has arisen that promises to redress the shortfall in aid. This solution has come from the private sector.

Corporations Are Giving Back

While some jaded readers might blanch or scoff at the notion of corporate charity aiding our returning heroes, the fact is that quite a few of them are currently doing far more than their part to ease the transition of our veterans to a comfortable civilian life.

Contrary to general sentiment, it doesn’t all end in politics. While the modern political process is justifiably being closely examined by the public over allegations of corruption and “dark money” funding, there are countless examples of the true spirit of charity that are glossed over in silence or completely ignored by the media.

Raising Money For Returning Heroes

One of the biggest private charities in the nation is the Semper Fi Fund. This purely private foundation has been instrumental in helping our returning heroes to get back proudly on their feet after their term of service has honorably expired. During the recent holiday season, the Semper Fi Foundation managed to raise over 12 million dollars for our brave service men and women.

Among the many contributors to the fund were such luminaries as Bob Parsons, the founder and chief executive officer of GoDaddy. Parsons, accompanied by his wife Renee, was among the many corporate philanthropists who unselfishly gave in order to ensure that our brave returning heroes enjoyed a warm welcome in their grateful home land.

The 10 For 10 Challenge

The recent 10 For 10 Challenge was an initiative launched by the Semper Fi Foundation in order to raise 10 million dollars to address the critical needs of members of all branches of the United States military who have received injuries and wounds while in the line of duty. Once launched, the effort was an immediate and overwhelming success. In the end, the goal was exceeded by 2 million dollars, for a total of 12 million.

The philanthropy of private businessman was a major ingredient in the success of this noble initiative. Those who question the motives of corporate figures such as Parsons should be aware that such charitable acts are far from the only way in which private enterprise continues to give back to those in need. In the end, private charity remains a vital part of our American tradition, one that is far from exhausted.

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